Study Drugs Are a Growing Problem

Study Drugs Are a Growing Problem

For years, it has been common practice for college students to take advantage of certain substances that would enable them to better perform a task, stay up late to study or simply concentrate more thoroughly on a project. To the average college student this may seem normal – to others it is drug abuse.

To combat the increased use of drugs to enhance performance, Wesleyan University is changing its honor code. According to a Middletown Press article, the university has made a change to its policy so that students know the use of prescription drugs such as Ritalin and other stimulants violate the university’s honor code.

Ritalin abuse first hit the radar several years ago and since that time, a reliance on prescription medication to act as stimulants to enhance performance has risen exponentially. For many students, stimulants have become a necessity.

A study released by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia found that as many as 20 percent of college students have relied on Ritalin or Adderall to study, take exams, write papers, etc. The number of teens who admit to abusing such drugs has tripled from 1992 to 2033. Abuse among the general population has only doubled.

Wesleyan’s honor code focuses on academic matters and takes into account drug abuse and alcohol use. Student leaders have been approached by other students who have found their stimulant use has turned into a habit they cannot break. In one scenario, a class was given a 24-hour take-home exam and half the class took “study drugs” to focus on the exam.

The change in policy is to protect the integrity of the school as well as to protect the students. The school overall will also have to change the culture so that “study drugs” are looked down upon by peers.

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