Is Ibudilast a Cure for Meth Addiction?

Is Ibudilast a Cure for Meth Addiction?

Is Ibudilast a Cure for Meth Addiction?

Is Ibudilast a Cure for Meth Addiction?When a problem is life-threatening, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tries to move as quickly as possible in assisting to bring potential solutions. That can be seen in the FDA’s latest push to fast-track a possible cure for methamphetamine addiction.

In 2011, 439,000 people abused methamphetamine in the U.S. alone. If the FDA approval continues moving forward on this new drug, it could also wind up being the only non-opioid treatment for other drug addictions such as heroin dependence.

The drug on which so much hope rests is called Ibudilast, though its technical name is MN-166.   So far, Ibudilast has been allowed to undergo the initial phase of human drug testing, that of safety.

Phase one seems to have proven the drug’s safety when taken in conjunction with methamphetamine. Phase two, which is scheduled for later during the summer, will measure how well the drug subdues cravings.

The development of a drug therapy which could be used in conjunction with counseling is eagerly anticipated. Ibudilast seems to inhibit the activation of glial cells in the central nervous system believed to be connected to drug addiction. It is hoped that a medication which could turn down the volume on drug cravings would, in turn, amplify the benefits of counseling and support groups.  This could assist those struggling with addiction in their drug rehab treatment.

Researchers have been working on a viable treatment for meth addiction for over two decades.  The FDA is eager to move along Ibudilast’s research to assist in the fight against addiction.

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