Dangers of Illicit Stimulant Use a Concern for Educators at Universities

Dangers of Illicit Stimulant Use a Concern for Educators at Universities

Across college campuses and universities, some students are turning to illicit stimulants to help keep them attentive in class in hopes they will see enhanced academic results. Authors of a recent editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal want to educate students about the side effects of stimulant drugs.

According to an article in Medical News Today, the abuse of prescription stimulants has shown an astonishing increase from 5% to 35%. The most popular drugs putting these bright minds at risk are atomoxetine and methylphenidate. Coauthors of the Canadian Medical Journal say students think simply popping a pill will help raise their grades or possibly give them better academic abilities, but the majority of evidence doesn’t show improvements to their cognitive abilities.

Many college students are completely clueless about the side effects and potential harms associated with stimulant abuse. When these stimulants are taken incorrectly by injection or snorting, they can have dangerous effects such as addiction, depression and an irregular heartbeat.

Colleges and universities are common sites for the abuse of stimulants due to the mistaken perception that they can improve grades. Students need to be more aware of the seriousness of these issues and campuses need to educate students by having more campaign drives that uncover the myths and bring awareness to these risks. Universities also need to address the cause of stimulant abuse so they can expose them and save students from further harm.

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