Celebrities Use Drugs for Weight Loss

Celebrities Use Drugs for Weight Loss

In an industry where image is everything, many celebrities develop eating disorders in an effort to remain thin and marketable in their field. While a few famous deaths have been connected with eating disorders and drugs used to stay thin, there are many celebrities who quietly struggle for many years.

An article posted on Fox News discusses the dangerous methods used by celebrities to stay thin. When traditional diets don’t produce fast results, many actresses and models will turn to drugs in an effort to remain thin. One popular choice used by many celebrities is Adderall, a drug prescribed to treat ADHD, and one that can result in significant weight loss.

Some celebrities go so far as to fake the symptoms of ADHD to obtain a prescription for Adderall, while others talk friends who are legitimately diagnosed into asking a doctor for more medication than they need. Others simply buy the drug overseas or online.

Two other dangerous drugs used by celebrities are crystal meth and cocaine. Crystal meth can aid in weight loss, but is also associated with psychosis and meth mouth, a condition of rapid oral decay caused by the use of the drug. Cocaine is also highly addictive and associated with psychosis.

Celebrities who become addicted to drugs in an effort to lose weight often ruin their careers in what is originally an effort to preserve them. While many celebrities can seek treatment for drug addiction in a program designed for that purpose, many struggle in a cycle of treatment and relapse and regret choosing illegal drugs for a faster way to lose weight.

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