Why You Should Never Combine Demerol and Lomotil

Why You Should Never Combine Demerol and Lomotil

Why You Should Never Combine Demerol and Lomotil

Why You Should Never Combine Demerol and LomotilAbusing any prescription drug is dangerous, risky and bad for your health, but you crank up the danger even more when you combine drugs. The Lomotil-Demerol connection is a common but harmful one. If you abuse either of these drugs separately, you put yourself in danger. If you abuse them together, you increase the risk of adverse health effects even more. Educate yourself about these medications and find out why you should respect them and never abuse them.

Demerol – A Potent Painkiller

Demerol is the brand name for the generic narcotic painkiller called meperidine. Like most narcotics, this drug is a Schedule II controlled substance because of its susceptibility for abuse and its addictiveness. One of the biggest risks you take if you abuse Demerol is getting addicted. Trying to stop using a narcotic once you have become addicted is extremely difficult. It is comparable to coming clean from heroin, a related drug. Beating addiction alone is nearly impossible with these kinds of drugs. Additionally, when you use Demerol you may experience side effects like constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, seizures or a stroke.

Lomotil – Narcotic Diarrhea Medication

Lomotil is another brand name drug, but it is a combination of two generic substances: atropine and diphenoxylate. It is prescribed to treat diarrhea because it slows the contractions of the intestines. Diphenoxylate is a narcotic drug that is very similar to the meperidine found in Demerol. Side effects of Lomotil are usually mild, but can include confusion, nausea, vomiting, headaches, loss of appetite and restlessness. In rare cases, Lomotil can cause decreased urination with bloating, shortness of breath and an increased heart rate.

The Danger of Pairing Lomotil and Demerol

If you read the descriptions of these two prescription drugs carefully, you might have already figured out what makes their combined abuse so dangerous and risky. Meperidine and diphenoxylate are very similar narcotic drugs. They have similar effects on the body and brain and cause similar side effects. If you take both at the same time, you double all of those effects. You double the intensity of any side effects and your odds of experiencing side effects. You double the sedative effect and you double the risk of becoming addicted.

Lomotil abuse and Demerol abuse separately are risky. You can have an accidental overdose. You can become addicted. You can be so intoxicated that you have an accident and get hurt or killed. You can experience side effects that range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. When you abuse them together, you really put your life and well-being at risk.

Addiction is one of the biggest risks and it is a difficult disease to treat. Narcotic drugs are notoriously difficult to stop using and even require medications, such as Lexapro for opiate withdrawal. If you find yourself abusing Demerol, Lomotil or both drugs and you can’t stop, seek professional help.

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