Why You Should Never Abuse Propofol

Why You Should Never Abuse Propofol

Why You Should Never Abuse Propofol

Why You Should Never Abuse PropofolAlso known as ‘milk of amnesia,’ Propofol is an anesthesia that is very risky to take without the guidance of a doctor. In fact, sometimes even when taken with a doctor’s supervision, this drug can kill. That was the case with Michael Jackson, who died from taking more of this sedative anesthesia than he should have. Propofol euphoria is a dangerous high to chase, and if prescribed this medication you should be very careful that you aren’t tempted to misuse it. 

Propofol: The ‘Milk of Amnesia’

Propofol earned its descriptive nickname for the fact that it is a white, milky liquid. Also called Diprivan, This drug is used before surgery to put the patient in a state that is very much like a coma. It puts the patient out in less than a minute, but the effect doesn’t last very long. An anesthesiologist must be present in the operating room to keep administering the drug for the duration of the surgery. In smaller doses, Propofol can be used to sedate a patient for an outpatient procedure that is less serious than surgery. Low doses make you sedate, but not unconscious. The result is that you will not remember what happened during the procedure.

Propofol Addiction

One risk of abusing Propofol is the possibility of developing an addiction to it. No one can say now if Michael Jackson was hooked on Propofol, but because it killed him it seems likely. Some experts would say that Propofol isn’t habit forming, but the truth is that you can get hooked on the relaxed, sedated experience of a Propfol high. Furthermore, Propofol withdrawal has been reported by those who abuse the drug. Propofol is not currently a scheduled controlled substance, but many believe that it should be because of its potential for abuse.

The people most susceptible to abusing and becoming dependent on Propofol are those who administer it. Anesthesiologists have the access and many abuse the drug because of the euphoric feeling it imparts. It makes the user feel relaxed, sedate, high and a little bit drunk. It can also put someone to sleep who struggles with insomnia, although this is considered abuse and is not recommended.

Accidents While High on Propfol

Propofol abuse is also risky because of the potential for accidents. Because it is a sedative, it makes the user sleepy and uncoordinated. If you try to do anything active while under its influence you put yourself and others at a great risk for harm. Driving while high on Propofol is particularly dangerous and risky. Even just trying to navigate your home can be risky. One of the reasons Propofol is so dangerous in this way is that the sedative effect sets in quickly. An accidental overdose is also possible and there is no Propofol antidote. If you take too much, there could be no bringing you back to life.

Abusing any prescription drug is a bad choice. Know the risks and dangers, and if you or someone you know has access to Propofol, be aware of the particular risks of this drug. How drug abuse affects families is terrible. The consequences are far-reaching, especially the loss of life to drug abuse.

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