The Truth About Lyrica Abuse and Addiction

The Truth About Lyrica Abuse and Addiction

The Truth About Lyrica Abuse and Addiction

The Truth About Lyrica Abuse and AddictionLyrica, the brand-name drug for the generic pregabalin, is a type of pain medication that some people abuse. Lyrica drug abuse is serious. Abusing any drug, whether it is illegal or a prescription, can lead to addiction. There are other prescription painkillers, namely narcotics, that are more addictive and more susceptible to abuse, but to ignore the addictive potential of Lyrica is to make a dangerous mistake. If you are prescribed Lyrica, know the risks and dangers of abusing it and be careful to only take it as directed by your doctor.

What Is Lyrica?

Lyrica, or pregabalin, is technically an anticonvulsant drug, which means it was designed to treat seizures and epilepsy. However, physicians and researchers have discovered that it can help people with a particular type of nerve pain and that it also helps people with anxiety. Those who most benefit from the pain relief aspect of Lyrica are people with nerve disorders like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy.

How Do People Abuse Lyrica?

Although as a painkiller Lyrica does not produce the same intense high that narcotics do, it does give users a pleasant sensation. In addition to pain relief, Lyrica imparts a sense of relaxation that is desirable for many users. If you are taking Lyrica for the pain associated with a chronic and degenerative illness like multiple sclerosis, the relief you find can be powerful. Add to that a relaxed feeling and you have a potent sensation that you may be tempted to chase by abusing the drug. Abuse of Lyrica or any prescription medication means taking more than your doctor directed or taking it for longer than directed. If you do either of these things, or both, you are abusing your medication.

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Is Lyrica Addictive?

Any drug that is susceptible to abuse can be addictive. Lyrica is nowhere near as habit-forming as narcotic painkillers like morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and others, but you can still develop an addiction to it if you abuse it. Addiction is a risk any time you abuse any substance. The way in which you can become addicted to Lyrica is by becoming dependent on the pleasant sensation it gives you. You may start to feel like you can’t relax without it or fear that you will be in excruciating pain without it.

Other Dangers of Abusing Lyrica

Lyrica and addiction may go together, and while addiction is a serious risk of abusing this drug, it is not the only one. Any time you abuse a drug you put yourself at risk for experiencing intensified side effects. For Lyrica these include blurry vision, ataxia, drowsiness, irritability, dizziness, tremors, vomiting, fatigue, rashes, poor coordination or memory loss. More seriously you may experience suicidal thoughts, pancreatitis or dangerously low blood pressure if you abuse Lyrica.

It is important to know the risks of abusing Lyrica for anyone who has been prescribed it. This medication can help you in a number of ways, but it can also hurt you if you do not respect it. Lyrica may not be a narcotic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get addicted to it or experience dangerous and harmful side effects. If you ever feel like you are dependent on your medication, talk to your doctor about it right away.

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