Pain Clinics Contribute to Prescription Drug Problem

Pain Clinics Contribute to Prescription Drug Problem

The idea of a pain clinic is to provide the necessary treatment to individuals suffering with chronic pain. The problem is that they also create an opportunity for the foundation for addiction. A recent WBIR article focused on this growing problem.

One individual highlighted the reality associated with pain clinics and addiction. While she experimented with drugs as a teenager, full blown addiction did not settle in until she needed to visit a pain clinic after two back surgeries.

She sought help from her doctor for the pain, but after several doses of pain medication, he became concerned about her use and turned her away without another prescription. The withdrawal she endured was beyond her capability to handle on her own.

As a result, she turned to a pain clinic to find the medication she needed to simply get through the day. Such facilities can be found in nearly every part of every town in East Tennessee. Patients seek out these clinics to receive treatment for a full range of maladies from back pain to fibromyalgia.

According to Derryle Smith, group supervisor at the Drug Enforcement Agency, pain clinics do serve a purpose. And, there are legitimate clinics that serve a patient need. The problem is that rogue doctors and rogue prescription pain clinics exist, providing access to controlled medications to those who should be provided access to addiction treatment.

Work is being done to try and weed out rogue clinics that feature rogue doctors who may be abusing the system. Until that time, diligence is necessary to reverse the trend.

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