State of New York Sees Rise in Oxycodone Prescriptions

State of New York Sees Rise in Oxycodone Prescriptions

According to a new report, widely prescribed painkiller Oxycodone has seen a sharp rise in prescriptions over the past three years in New York. New York State Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman issued a report showing drug use of Oxycodone rose 82 percent and hopes legislature will take some action. Schneiderman proposed a type of drug-tracking system which he introduced last year due to an increase in crime waves that caused concern in the Long Island area.

Such addiction to painkillers has produced a nationwide increase in robberies of pharmacies where the pills are being targeted. The New York Times reported that there have been excessively high amounts of prescriptions written in areas of Suffolk County, including the Staten Island area. The proposed legislation would call for a tracking system done on the Internet put in place by the Health Department.

The current system in New York requires pharmacists to report every 45 days about the sales of such controlled substances. At present time, the prescriptions alone are not being tracked and therefore pharmacists are unable to confirm the legality of such prescriptions, unless they call each doctor themselves. The proposed system would allow access to a tracking database operated in real-time that is available to doctors and pharmacists.

A previous report showed that nearly 22.5 million prescriptions were written in NY State last year for narcotic painkillers, which was a 36 percent rise in three years. Currently, there are several bills in the works for proposal in Albany that address this prescription problem and the Obama administration is also pursuing legislation on the Federal level as well.

Schneiderman’s proposal is favored by the Pharmacists Society in the State of New York although there are a few objections, one being pharmacists could face fines for failing to check the validity of prescriptions.

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