Pumping up Pain Pills

Pumping up Pain Pills

Pain pill addictions are an increasing epidemic and the federal government has allowed four drug companies to explore an even stronger dose of the painkillers.

An article details information about how drug experts are troubled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed these companies to explore a pain pill that could be ten times the strength of Vicodin.

The drug that is being explored would be a pure form of hydrocodone, which is an ingredient in Vicodin.

Hydrocodone in its current variety is a pain killer that is already abused. Experts believe that if there is an even stronger version then addictions would also increase.

Those who run drug rehabilitation facilitations are also concerned about the addiction factor and how they could help patients who may become dependent on a drug so powerful.

Some say the stronger pain pills won’t make a difference in the amount of people who are addicted to these types of drugs. Officials say that abusers will get their hands on the drugs no matter what.

They say on average that someone who abuses pain pills tries six to seven types of drugs to get the high they need.

That may be the case, but the concern is that the extreme of the drug could only add to the complications of fighting the prescription drug battle and trying to get the help to those who suffer with these addictions.

Pain pills have already been proven highly addictive and can be fatal if taken in excessive amounts. If the strength of the drug is so much higher than current pain medications, one would only anticipate the rise in the addiction process.

There would be concern too that people may become addicted even quicker, thus continuing to feed the already growing problem.

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