Burt Reynolds Enters Rehab

Burt Reynolds Enters Rehab

Actor Burt Reynolds, 73, has checked himself into a rehab facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, to be treated for an addiction to painkillers.

The actor’s manager, Erik Kritzer, said in a statement that Reynolds was struggling after a recent back surgery and “realized that he was in the prison of prescription pain pills.” Kritzer said Reynolds hopes his story will help others in similar situations and that they will not try to solve the problem by themselves.

In the 1980s, Reynold’s career was nearly destroyed when prescription drug abuse led to false rumors that he was infected with the AIDS virus. He hurt his jaw making the 1984 comedy “City Heat” with Clint Eastwood. Barely able to eat, he lost 50 pounds and looked ill and emaciated.

“For two years I couldn’t get a job,” Reynolds told the Associated Press in 1990. “I had to take five physicals to get a job. I had to take the pictures that were offered to me. I did action pictures because I was trying to prove that I was well.”

He was diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder, which affects the area that connects the jaw to the skull and can result in significant pain. Reynolds then confessed to a reliance on the sleeping aid Halcion.

He eventually regained his health and his career, first in the TV series “Evening Shade” and then as the porn movie impresario Jack Horner in the 1997 hit movie “Boogie Nights.” He was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe for best supporting actor.

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