Tests Only Find Marijuana in “Face-Chewer’s” System

Tests Only Find Marijuana in “Face-Chewer’s” System

The Miami-Dade county medical examiner recently released a report that showed the Florida man who was shot because he was chewing on another man’s face had only consumed marijuana.

Earlier speculation pointed toward a possible use of stimulants such as bath salts. The victim in the attack was left horribly disfigured and a Miami police official had speculated that Eugene, the attacker, might have been under the influence of the so-called bath salts when officers shot and killed him.

There has been a ton of theories surrounding what drugs the man might have taken to produce such strange behaviors. The toxicology report only showed marijuana and no alcohol, prescription or street drugs, according to one article.

The Miami department says they have ruled out common components that are typically found in bath salts which can mirror the effects of methamphetamine and cocaine.

An outside lab that does forensic toxicology reports took a second peek at the Miami report and also confirmed that there were no bath salts, LSD or synthetic marijuana as well. However, another expert of toxicology testing believes that marijuana by itself would not cause Eugene’s strange behavior.

Today’s problem is that there are infinite numbers of chemical substances that can cause unusual behaviors, according to Dr. Bruce Goldberger at the University of Florida. Eugene’s brother, Marckenson Charles recently spoke in an interview and said whatever triggered his brother’s behavior has no answer and his brother did not drink or use drugs other than marijuana.

Goldberger believes the Miami office is known for its thorough work but points out that it is almost impossible for toxicologists to keep pace with all of the new formulations being produced for synthetic drugs.

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