Synthetic Marijuana Proves More Dangerous Than the Real Thing

Synthetic Marijuana Proves More Dangerous Than the Real Thing

Synthetic marijuana is also known as K2 or Spice and is a sort of false pot that is really nothing like the real thing. It is legal and also easily available to children but is also a much bigger threat to their health.

According to Live Science, marijuana has been used for centuries for a medicinal and recreational use says, Dr. Jeff Lapoint. Lapoint says the synthetic version is much more dangerous and kids need to be aware of this.

There have been increasing numbers of people who have experienced heart palpitations, fever, dehydration and even seizures and psychotic episodes after using K2. Since 2004, the drug has been packaged and sold as a type of incense or potpourri and comes looking like harmful herbs and spices.

The cost is comparable to that of regular marijuana and typically sells for around $30 or $40 for a 3 gram baggie.

Drug makers have come up with hundreds of different versions of this chemical compound and have found it easy to manufacture, although the DEA has taken action to ban 5 common chemicals often found in K2. Different versions of the compound have increasingly multiplied over the past several years and the National Institute on Drug Abuse says 11 percent of the 15,000 seniors surveyed reported using the drug last year.

Poison Control centers handled about 7,000 calls alone regarding K2 last year, which was double the previous year. One study implies that K2 can increase your risk for psychosis, even if you have no history of psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Ashwin Reddy says K2 causes more actions to the brain, is stronger than natural marijuana and may even cause psychotic symptoms to last for months, depending on the person.

K2 can cause disorganized behavior, panic symptoms, and increased risk toward paranoia and may even cause you to hear voices in your head.

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