Federal Government against Medicinal Use of Marijuana

Federal Government against Medicinal Use of Marijuana

A recent memorandum sent by James Cole, with the United States Attorney General’s office, stated that marijuana is a hazardous drug and the ramifications for anyone caught distributing, growing or selling it are serious.

The memo further stated that law enforcement will take action regardless of state laws or ordinances against those who claim they are protected by certain federal laws to help distribute the drug. This debate has sparked a lot of dismay by those in support of the medical use of the marijuana, according to a recent article in Medical News Today.

In Cole’s memo he pointed out how dangerous a drug marijuana is and also emphasized that those who knowingly aid in the distribution or selling of it will suffer the consequences of law enforcement.

In the United States, marijuana is the most common drug to be illegally abused and its adverse affects on memory loss and the ability to learn can last up to days and even weeks, after its acute effects wear off. Long term abuse of the drug causes problems with addiction and can be mind altering as well. While some side effects, like a heftier appetite may seem harmless, the likelihood of having accidents is another risk.

Steph Sherer, with the biggest advocacy group in support of medicinal marijuana, says President Obama has used tactics to intimidate elected lawmakers thus forcing patients to the illegal drug market. Sherer believes states and local authorities should have the right to adopt their own regulations regarding the use of medical marijuana. However, officials in ten states recently received hostile letters which criminally threaten the prosecution if they carry out laws to regulate producing and distributing marijuana for medicinal use. Sherer believes the government recognizes the need for cancer patients and others with unbearable diseases to need the marijuana but is denying a way for them to legally get it.

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