Dr. Phil Confronts Mom about Online Game Addiction

Dr. Phil Confronts Mom about Online Game Addiction

On a recent episode of his talk show, Dr. Phil confronted a mother (identified as Teresa) about her addiction to the Internet game “FarmVille,” saying she would be better served to go out and “start a garden for real.” Zynga’s crop-tending game is a popular application on the social networking website Facebook.

Games.com reports that Dr. Phil told Teresa that she was taking her obsession to the point where she was sabotaging the family computer when others tried to use it. "She unplugged the router, so you would think the Internet had gone down, and as soon as you went away, she plugged it back in and went back to tending her crops," Dr. Phil told Teresa’s daughter Jennifer, who confronted her mother about the problem.

"Part of the reason is because of her attitude when I do ask to get on the computer," Teresa responded.

"No, it’s not," Dr. Phil said. "You unplugged it because you have a ridiculous addiction to a ridiculous computer game that’s interfering with your ability to be a mother. You needed a fix, and she wouldn’t get off, so you had to create the opportunity."

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