High School Senior Writes Book About Mother’s Heroin Addiction

High School Senior Writes Book About Mother’s Heroin Addiction

A senior at Vermont’s Danville High School is about to be a published writer at 17 years old. Her book “Mother Where Art Thou?” chronicles her experience with her mother’s addiction to heroin.

"The last five years, I’ve seen her three times…" said Newby, who has always enjoyed writing. When she needed a senior project to prepare for her upcoming graduation, she chose to write about her mom.

"Part one was before the addiction. Things that happened to my mom that I thought contributed to her addiction, part two was during the addiction, and part three was going to be after the addiction," said Newby. Unfortunately, part three hasn’t happened yet.

"Maybe a quarter of the poems in that book I had already written. So, you know, I have been writing about it so that is what I do to get it off my mind, I don’t really talk anyone about it, I write about it," said Newby.

She says the process was therapeutic, and one that makes her family proud.

"I think it is wonderful. She did a really good job. I’m very proud of her. I don’t know she worked really hard," said her stepmom Christine Atwood.

As Newby throws horseshoes in her Danville yard, she says that she never intended to get her book published. She simply wanted to share her story with other kids.

"I thought it was important for other kids to know that there are kids who go through these kinds of things instead of having to talk to someone who is just qualified to talk to them," said Newby.

But, with the help of a couple of generous friends in the community, the dream will become a reality inspired by a mom who’s not around to share in her daughters success.

"She knows about the book. I told her she is not going to get one until she gets sober. But she knows about it," said Newby.

Several copies have already been pre-printed, but Newby says she hopes to get the book officially published by Mother’s Day.


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