Anti-Heroin Vaccine May Soon Be Available to Heroin Addicts

Anti-Heroin Vaccine May Soon Be Available to Heroin Addicts

Doctors and researchers at the Scripps Research Institute have experienced a strong response to their latest vaccine for heroin addiction treatment in animal studies. They are hopeful the vaccine will be helpful for humans who need help battling their heroin addiction.

Dr. Kim D. Janda, Chemistry Chair at Scripps, says the treatment has shown to be effective in the immune response in the tested animals. They hope it will be an effective option for those trying to stop their heroin addiction, according to a recent report published in Science Daily. For the past 40 years researchers have not been able to achieve a viable vaccine for heroin as it is a mysterious drug that metabolizes into multiple matters.

Heroin has long been an epidemic of such a destructive nature, costing the U.S. $22 billion annually due to criminal problems, medical bills, loss of workforce productivity, and welfare costs. Researchers at Scripps say that heroin addiction and heroin abuse are huge factors in the spread of the AIDS virus because of users sharing needles.

Their newest approach is dynamic enough to not only targeting the heroin, but also the other chemicals that it breaks itself down into, known as 6AM. Researchers say they have come up with a sort of heroin cocktail that is a mixture of proteins that gradually break down in the system and expose it to different metabolites that are psychoactive to heroin.

Results in rat studies are promising and the team says they have never seen as dramatic a response to an experiment of this type.

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