Any Teen Can Be At-Risk For Heroin Addiction

Any Teen Can Be At-Risk For Heroin Addiction

Any Teen Can Be At-Risk For Heroin Addiction

Any Teen Can Be At-Risk For Heroin AddictionMichele Leonhart, head of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, reports that there has been a recent spike in heroin abuse. It’s difficult to determine which teens are at risk for abuse today. It can be the stereotypical face of a drug user or it could be the clean-cut guy next door.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that nearly 50 percent of youth who use heroin admit that they had abused prescription painkillers. Teens are getting prescription drugs from friends and family members, and prescriptions from multiple doctors. When those pills run out or doctors reduce or cut off prescriptions, addicted teens often turn to heroin as an alternative.

Heroin has some of the same effect as prescription painkillers, such as pain relief, but it’s much more addictive and much more dangerous.

It’s not just the obvious “druggies” at school who are abusing heroin. Clean-cut teens from affluent or respectable families can be users while flying under the radar. In the celebrity world, fans and friends thought that Corey Monteith had cleaned up his act, but we now know his heroin addiction lead to his early death.

Doctors have noted that some teens claim to abuse heroin out of boredom. Feeling directionless, they want to feel alive and use heroin to calm their restlessness. Adolescence is all about developing mentally, emotionally and physically. Young heroin users must be shown that life’s ups and downs can be handled without drugs and are part of voyage of self-discovery.

Young people, and most users, can break free from heroin use with guidance, persistence and determination. Otherwise they face possible heart and lung disease, HIV, hepatitis and overdose.

Getting through adolescence can be tough, but if teens can see beyond the immediate and have patience for their future they can better resist heroin. Recovery is possible for teens who have good role models, supportive friends and parents, and health professionals who can guide them toward a long and happy life.

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