Kratom Craze Begins to Emerge in U.S.

Kratom Craze Begins to Emerge in U.S.

Mitragyna speciosa may not sound familiar to most in the U.S., but it’s a tree that’s found in Southeast Asia. The tree produces a chemical that is more widely known as “Kratom.”

Kratom is used in a pill form for its stimulant and narcotic effects. In Asia, it’s used like Americans use coffee. But locally, its use as a recreational drug is causing some concern, mostly for what isn’t known about Kratom.

kratomleaf[1]The Drug Enforcement Agency is taking a closer look at the Kratom leaf, which is still legal. Users say it makes them feel euphoric despite some hot flashes it causes. It’s ingested most commonly in tea form, but it can also be smoked. 
Asian laborers are the most frequent users of Kratom, but many regions have made it illegal. However, the Mitragyna speciosa tree grows everywhere in the Southeast region, which makes it virtually impossible to control the use of Kratom.

There are different potencies of Kratom, which makes the average dosage hard to pin down. Stronger samples of Kratom typically require three to five grams per dose, but many users will notice its affects with merely two grams.

With less potent Kratom, users can ingest 10 grams with little effect. Users taking too much Kratom will become nauseated, which seem to be the extent of the side effects known at this time.

Laboratory tests on Kratom are fairly rare at this time, which is why there is some paranoia about the use of the substance.

Kratom is gaining more popularity via Internet sales in the U.S. Until very recently, most Americans had never heard of the substance. “Head” shops and convenience stores are beginning to sell Kratom, which for many people who follow such trends is reminiscent of synthetic marijuana products like K2, which have been made illegal

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