Lindsay Lohan Blames Father for Cocaine Addiction

Lindsay Lohan Blames Father for Cocaine Addiction

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is blaming her father for her own interest in cocaine, as he is a former drug addict. Lindsay has been in rehab three times since 2007, and has been caught with cocaine by police.

“It’s not something I ever want to do again,” she says of the drug. “It made me feel like s***. It became uninteresting to me. I’m hyper anyway and I have that kind of personality so I don’t need something like that,” Lohan told Britain’s The Sun in a new interview.

“I was only aware of cocaine because of my dad. I was terrified of it. But I tried it because I was stubborn, stupid, and wanted to see what it was like.”

Today Lindsay says she is in a much happier place than she has been in for a long time.

She says that when it comes to booze, she “knows her limits” and adds that waking up in the morning after a night of drinking isn’t fun anymore.

She adds: “I’ve made some dreadful mistakes but learned from them—that has probably saved my life.”


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