Ketamine Control

Ketamine Control

A drug commonly used in anesthetic can cause long-term problems if abused. An article out of the United Kingdom includes information about a study on ketamine, otherwise known as “special K” and the effects it has on the urinary system if used inappropriately.

Researchers learned that abusers of the drug experienced bladder-control problems as well as abdominal pain and other urinary tract issues.

Fortunately, of those individuals who participated in the study, they said that their symptoms subsided once they quit using the drug. However, in a small percentage of participants, the symptoms worsened leading researchers to believe that there is still much to be learned about the long-term effects of the abuse of “special K.”

Abusers are drawn to the euphoric feeling they get from use of the drug. If they have only used the drug a few times, then they may be able to escape the harmful health effects compared to that of a long-term user. Researchers are still working to determine if the effects can be cured or if the damage is irreversible.

The high seems to be what drives drug abusers to continually return to their fix of choice. Most drugs are abused out of their intended purpose and when they are not used correctly the problematic symptoms seem to escalate.

If they are getting the high, then they are probably not concerned about what is happening to their body long-term. Abusers tend to live in the moment and only worry about where their next fix will come from. The issue at hand is how to get abusers to stop using and keep them from returning to the use of illegal drugs.

Early education about the harmful effects of drugs and how each drug will cause lifelong ramifications if you abuse them is the key to putting a stop to drug abuse in any capacity.

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