Fergie Admits Past Addiction to Ecstasy, Crystal Meth

Fergie Admits Past Addiction to Ecstasy, Crystal Meth

Singer and actress Fergie (born Stacy Ferguson) has admitted that as a teenager, she became addicted to illegal drugs in an attempt to escape her troubles. Fergie has been clean for more than ten years, but is only now revealing that her pre-fame drug addiction left her paranoid and delusional.

Fergie found fame at the age of 17 with the girl group Wild Orchid. But when the band tanked, she turned to Ecstasy and eventually crystal meth.

"I thought it would be disloyal if I left (Wild Orchid), but I wasn’t happy anymore with the music we were doing. I really internalized it and found my outlet in the underground club scene and the raves," the 34-year-old singer said.

"It started with Ecstasy. I loved Ecstasy. Loved it, loved it. It was great at first," she told OK Magazine.

"I had a blast but those things can only last for so long. I’m actually lucky that I hit it as hard as I did because it took me to a place where I knew I never wanted to do it again," she added.

Fergie also confessed that her search for crystal meth once led her to being held at gunpoint while traveling to East Los Angeles.

"Yeah, that was crazy. Don’t mess with East LA. Thank the Lord I’m here," she said.

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