Vaporizing Alcohol Is a Dangerous Trend

Vaporizing Alcohol Is a Dangerous Trend

Vaporizing Alcohol Is a Dangerous Trend

 Vaporizing Alcohol Is a Dangerous TrendThe quest to alter the mind seems to never end. New trends pop up along with new substances all too often. The latest trend grabbing headlines lately is the vapor buzz, a method by which alcoholic vapors are inhaled, causing nearly immediate intoxication. Some say the attraction to inhaling rather than drinking the alcohol is that the process bypasses the calorie-heavy drinks that the American public is accustomed to.

But the end result is the same — intoxication. The problem is, while ingesting alcohol into the digestive system, one or two too many will induce a gag reflex resulting in vomiting. But when partiers over-indulge in inhaling their booze, there is no gag reflex or other tell tale signs of impending extreme intoxication and the end result becomes toxic/poisonous.

One product that assists in downing the vapors is appropriately named the “Vaportini.” It’s a glass orb with a funnel attached. A candle burns below the orb, heating the preferred concoction until the alcohol vapors up. The brain gets hit with a high as other organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are bypassed.

Health experts warn that while the booze isn’t causing its usual havoc throughout the body, it’s damaging the brain.

Law enforcement officials should be concerned as the level of intoxication can’t be determined through the usual methods. The blood alcohol levels in one who has inhaled the booze is not going to represent the level of impairment that’s actually occurring in the brain, which means catching repeat offenders will be more difficult. This should concern fellow motorists as well.

Younger drinkers are likely to be attracted to the Vaportini, which is unfortunate given the inexperience that this demographic has with alcohol. It could also lead to more fatalities as the level of intoxication can come on quickly in novice drinkers.

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