Girls Aloud Singer Sarah Harding Entering Drug Rehab

Girls Aloud Singer Sarah Harding Entering Drug Rehab

There are plenty of rumors abroad about Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding’s recent decision to check herself into a drug rehab facility in the United States. The British group took a break from performing back in 2009 and since that time the separate members have pursued diverse interests. During this time, Ms. Harding earned a reputation for her wild lifestyle. Group members let it be known that a 2012 10th Anniversary reunion was in the works. Not long after the announcement, Sarah Harding headed for drug rehab.

Complete details regarding the singer’s motivation are unknown, but friends who have spoken out on Sarah’s behalf say that it is no coincidence that her decision followed hard on the heels of a break-up with long-time fiancé DJ Tom Crane. Mr. Crane is reported to have long requested that Ms. Harding seek help in reforming her “party” lifestyle.

Other reports point to pressure from other Girls Aloud members, asking Ms. Harding to clean up her act, as the catalyst for her decision to enter drug rehab. Unconfirmed rumors have been buzzing that fellow group members wanted Sarah to be in better shape for a reunion and issued an ultimatum to “get help or lose out.” Friends around Ms. Harding say they had been suggesting for months that the celebrity seek out professional help.

Details are unclear, but what does seem clear is that Ms. Harding has been dealing with alcohol addiction for some time. Her entry into drug rehab was listed as encompassing treatment for depression as well. Since alcohol abuse and depression are often partnered, it isn’t much of a leap to believe that the singer is battling on both fronts. Friends say that she “hit bottom” and is ready to get her life back on track.

The singer had been involved in making a new adult comedy film, was looking into a much anticipated Girls Aloud tour, and from the outside seemed to be enjoying many blessings that youth, talent and beauty can provide. Ms. Harding’s words immediately following the split from her fiancée expressed fear, excitement and optimism. Then reports surfaced that she had followed Mr. Crane abroad in an effort to patch up the relationship. Alcohol abuse had apparently robbed Ms. Harding, as it has so many others, of the meaningful relationships which make up a happy life.

More recent reports indicate that her former fiancée has agreed to stand by Ms. Harding as she seeks alcohol treatment and may even attend counseling sessions with the star. While some tabloid reports have been distinctly cruel in mocking her drug rehab check-in, most of the press seems sympathetic toward her efforts. Having a support network to back up her alcohol treatment greatly improves her chances of overcoming alcohol addiction and depression.

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