Holiday Season Can Bring Stress for Those in Alcohol Rehab

Holiday Season Can Bring Stress for Those in Alcohol Rehab

Though often overlooked, the holidays can mean anxiety, fear and high levels of stress for someone who has recently completed rehab or is working through an alcohol or drug addiction.

A recent post on Reading Eagle addresses the reality that the holiday season can be one of the most anxiety-filled seasons of the year for people who are striving to maintain their alcohol addiction recovery. While the members of a recovering addict’s family are not directly responsible for that person’s progress toward sobriety, their level of support can be helpful in seeing a loved one through a difficult time.

Helping create a supportive atmosphere for a loved one or friend who has recently completed alcohol rehab, or is currently in the rehab process, may mean big changes – such as carrying out family celebrations without alcohol. Some families may even consider moving the date of a home-based party to later in the winter to help ease the stress for their loved one who is a recovering addict.

Several non-alcoholic beverages should be available freely, such as sparkling juices, but not promoted in such a way as to embarrass or put the person on the spot. While some members of the family will definitely notice the change, it’s also important to reiterate that when the person completes rehab successfully and moves toward long-term recovery, everyone benefits.

If friends are invited to participate in holiday gatherings where a person in recovery is present, experts ask party hosts to make sure these friends know that they can offer their support without judgment. Sometimes a person experiencing rehab from alcohol addiction may choose for the first time not to attend a family event – and this is a decision family members and friends should honor, realizing recovery comes first before the rest of their life can be carried out successfully.

Another tool people may use to maintain a focus on their recovery is to engage the support of a sponsor or 12-step support group. Many offer chapter meetings at whatever city the person may be visiting during the holidays.

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