Addiction Specialist Says David Hasselhoff Will Die if He Doesn’t Stop Drinking

Addiction Specialist Says David Hasselhoff Will Die if He Doesn’t Stop Drinking

An alcohol addiction expert has told that David Hasselhoff will die unless he can overcome his addiction to alcohol.

The 57-year-old Baywatch and Knight Rider star accidentally punched a doctor who was called up to help him during a binge of hard drinking at his St. Martin’s Lane Hotel in London. He was then taken to a rehab unit at nearby Capio Nightingale Hospital.

The star, who had to be restrained by hotel staff after urinating on two mattresses and being verbally abusive, was in England for Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party.

"He was abusing all the staff, shouting at everyone," hotel guest Maria Weston said. "We were shocked—you’d think he was just some drunk, not a big star."

Hasselhoff spent two nights in the hospital until he was discharged Thursday. The actor has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning on at least five occasions.

Dr. Marc Kern, who specializes in alcohol addiction, believes it’s time for those close to Hasselhoff to adopt a new course of treatment before it’s too late. Dr. Kern told, “…At the moment there is no real plan in place to help him through this situation. Unless his managers and family adopt a new strategy then David Hasselhoff could end up dead or continue drinking at a level that will ultimately cause him to die. They have to get to the bottom of what is causing his internal emotional problems which are leading him to self medicate through alcohol."

Dr. Kern told, "If I was treating him I would ask him if he is ready to stop drinking while trying to assess what his motivations to drink are and where psychologically he is living at present. It could be that he is suffering from depression, anxiety, or has a history of unresolved traumas that are triggering his drinking. There could also be a need to try and find out what other medications he is taking or if he has a bi-polar condition which makes it very hard for him to assert impulse control when it comes to alcohol."

The latest incident in England comes after the star was rushed to a hospital close to his house in Calabasas, California, with suspected alcohol poisoning.

Two years ago his daughter Taylor Ann Hasselhoff, 19, famously filmed him drunk and struggling to eat a hamburger inside a Las Vegas hotel room and posted it on the Internet in an attempt to get her father to seek treatment.

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