Should High School Athletes Be Drug Tested Before Participating in Sports?

Should High School Athletes Be Drug Tested Before Participating in Sports?

According to a recent article on the Fox News website, illicit drug abuse among adolescents is taking a toll. The problem is not only caused by economic and social hardship but it is among those with wealth and opportunity who are abusing heroin, snorting Adderall, taking prescription painkillers and even sniffing household aerosol products or cleaning supplies.

Kids are using any means to get high and the Internet provides endless opportunities to solicit products such as Salvia. The result for some teens is drug addiction. Psychiatrists and teachers across America are seeing teenagers high on drugs on a daily basis.

Now begins the question of what to do with high school athletes who are involved with these substances and their participation in school sports. A call has been put forth for drug testing among all high school athletes. If a student doesn’t want to be tested for drugs they have the choice to not participate in sports.

The benefits to drug testing are numerous. Parents would have a chance to help their child get clean and schools would be making a statement about the dangers of substance abuse. Coaches and their assistants should be encouraged to be tested also and share their results with the team.

Participating in a team sport is not a right, it is a privilege. If we tie it to being drug-free in our schools that would at least be a start towards ridding our schools of drug abuse.

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