California Treatment Programs

California offers some of the most reputable and dynamic addiction treatment programs in the country.  The state has a progressive attitude toward the treatment of addiction and strong laws about discrimination, which has made it possible for many high-quality, yet small and personalized programs to offer treatment in tranquil, healing settings.

Malibu has become one of the premiere locations for the treatment of addiction, with its rugged coastline and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean from homes in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The other advantage of California’s progressive attitude toward treatment is that you can find treatment where you are not warehoused with a hundred other clients.   Treatment programs in luxury homes limit clients to six per house.  You get individual attention and a more tranquil environment than you might in a large rehab with 80 or more clients in treatment at any given time.  Some treatment programs have larger properties with separate homes, but usually no more than 30 clients will be in treatment overall.  These programs tend to offer more one-on-one time with psychiatrists and individual therapists.

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Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease.

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