Treatment Programs

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Here are some samples of the types of treatment programs our recovery advisers can help you with:


Malibu has become the go-to place for exceptional high-end treatment. The original Malibu Model was developed by Promises Treatment Centers. Promises believed they need to treat the whole person, and the only way to do that is to do a complete assessment of their needs and issues.  You can’t treat substance abuse if you don’t also treat the underlying depression or anxiety.   The word “holistic” has been thrown around a lot in the treatment field, but this program backs that up with an unparalleled recovery experience, uncommon luxury, and is the treatment program of choice for wanting the finest quality surroundings while experiencing the highest quality of drug addiction treatment.

West Los Angeles

The West LA program is the treatment program of choice for young adults (ages 19-27), but offers treatment for clients of any age.The original location of Promises, the West Los Angeles program is designed to offer a unique and highly cost-effective 90-day treatment plan. For over 20 years, the West LA facility has delivered the highest quality of addiction treatment. After 30 days of residential treatment, clients have the opportunity to move into the Promises sober living houses and continue day treatment/Intensive Outpatient Treatment at no added cost beyond the initial 30-day residential cost.

Nashville, TN

The Ranch provides an amazing spectrum of treatment services in the serene and verdant hills of a working horse and cattle ranch near Nashville. The experientially based program is designed to meet each person as an individual and provide a variety of ways to explore the feelings and behaviors that hold the person hostage. We help each person move from “survive” to “thrive.” There are three programs within the Ranch: substance abuse treatment, eating disorder treatment, and trauma treatment. These three specializations make the Ranch the right choice for clients with dual diagnosis.

Elements Behavioral Health

Elements Behavioral Health offers programs for the treatment of addiction, eating disorders, trauma, process addictions, sexual addiction, and dual diagnosis. The goal is for full recovery and well being with permanent life change and life style improvement – NOT JUST SYMPTOM REDUCTION. The programs within the Elements family offer the best in treatment for clients and family members, and Elements continues to develop a range of highly specialized programs that are designed to achieve lasting recovery and sustained clinical improvement.

Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease.

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