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drug rehab mississippiAlthough we have evolved as both a species and as functional societies, we have learned how to manipulate the world around us so we can get the effects that we have been looking for the most. In this sense, we have learned how to use plants to create drugs and how to use drugs to our advantage, depending on the needs. But, at their core, all drugs are poisons; it is the dose that makes the distinction between a remedy and a toxic substance. We, at Drug Addiction Treatment, deal with both of these aspects.

Drug rehab in Mississippi is designed to consider the entire spectrum of damages resulting from drug use disorders, which means that the rehabilitation program has to be divided into different stages; three to be more precise.

Stage 1: Diagnosis and detoxification

The first stage requires an in-depth analysis with regards to the specifics of the condition. This is where factors like the patient’s age, his medical history, his clinical status, the type of addiction and the timeframe the addictive behavior has manifested in, will all the taken into account. The more exhaustive the initial investigation is, the more effective the treatment will be.

Once the diagnosis has been placed, next is the detoxification process, where clinicians will use drugs like naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine. It is also at this stage that the professionals will look for co-occurring disorders, making sure the patient doesn’t have co-occurring mental diseases. If they do, the treatment will take those into account as well.

Stage 2: Behavioral, spiritual and social therapies

Every program of drug rehab in Mississippi will consider the patient’s psychological functioning in the process. Narcotics will end up inflicting a drug use disorder in the long run, causing extensive behavioral changes as a result. The patient will begin to manifest mood swings, irritability, a tendency towards aggression, anxiety, and apathy, depression, and he may even engage in socially dangerous behaviors, leading to legal problems.

In this sense, behavioral therapies are needed, as well as psychiatric counseling, to help the individual control his outbursts. Medication may be required as well in this regard. The spiritual and social therapies are meant to help the patient experience pleasure by other means than drugs, and to promote more social behavior, allowing for better communication and bonding with the others.

Stage 3: Relapse prevention and drug craving coping mechanisms

As studies have shown, approximately 85% of the drug addicts will fail to remain sober for too long, following the completion of the rehab program. Some will relapse several weeks into the program; others will do so within the first year afterward; in reality, only a tiny minority of them will remain sober for the rest of their lives.

With these numbers in mind, the necessity of relapse control mechanisms becomes obvious. Without these mechanisms in place, no drug rehab in Mississippi would be able to deliver efficient results and change people’s lives.

At Drug Addiction Treatment, we consider people to be worth fighting for; drug addiction is a disorder, and it can cause a great deal of suffering. One in the face of which we cannot remain passive.

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