The Never Ending Personal War

inpatient drug rehab floridaThere are few diseases that affect the individual’s life in a more dramatic way than substance addiction does. High risk drugs, alcohol, prescription painkillers, all of these can be at the heart of a myriad of other health affections, some of which will eventually prove lethal. The specialists at Drug Addiction Treatment are primarily concerned with 2 aspects: controlling the addiction and the withdrawal manifestations in the first phase and preventing relapse as much as possible in the second.

This is why treatments like the one involving inpatient drug rehab in Florida have been developed to deal with the many aspects related to drug abuse. Opioids in particular are extremely potent, with signs of addictive behavior becoming visible even after the first session. But what makes them so dangerous and what can it be done to counter the adverse reactions, both immediate and long-term ones?

The scary profile of narcotics

Opioids function by surging the opioid receptors in the brain and causing a flood of dopamine, even up to 10 times the normal dose the brain would release during pleasurable activities like eating good food or having sex. The main problem is that the brain will quickly develop tolerance to the substance, requiring a larger dose for the same effects. Hence, the danger of overdosing.

And this is just one of the aspects. The other one lies at the very foundation of drug addiction – withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms will usually occur several hours after the effects of the substance have worn off. Every institution offering inpatient drug rehab in Florida has to first counter and control withdrawal symptoms which can become quite brutal and can last between 24/48 hours, up to several weeks and, in rare cases, months.

These include:

– Feelings of nausea, along with regular vomiting

– Headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea

– Uncontrollable shaking

– The danger of seizures and respiratory difficulties

– The cold turkey effect (goosebumps)

– Increased irritability, unstable emotional behavior

– Tendency towards anxiety and depression, with suicidal thoughts

In reality, the symptoms differ from one person to another, as well as their duration and intensity. It all depends on the substance being used, how respondent the patient is to the treatment, the addict’s age and medical condition, along with other factors down the line.

Finding the best solutions

Treating addiction is not easy and it is definitely not a clean, painless process. Aside from that, no rehabilitation program promises 100% perfect results, with a 0% chance for the addiction to relapse. There is no such thing as guaranteed success, so long as the program’s efficiency is strongly dependent on the patient’s determination to overcome his condition.

What centers like Drug Addiction Treatment, specialized in inpatient drug rehab in Florida can do is to deliver the best, most effective and most innovative treatment methods on the market, to ensure the highest rate of success possible. Drug rehabilitation is difficult and it takes months to liberate the mind and the body from the toxic grip of the narcotics, throughout a war with yourself that may never end.

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