Should I Consider a Drug Intervention?

An intervention is a process undertaken by family, colleagues and friends to help an addict recognize a drug problem and enter a drug addiction treatment program. In most interventions, participants explain how the addict’s behavior has impacted them, ask the addict to accept help, and describe the consequences if the addict refuses to enter treatment.

A drug intervention should be considered if someone is struggling with addiction but does not recognize the severity of the problem or the need for treatment. Interventions are particularly important if the addictive behaviors are escalating or putting the addict or other people in danger.

Many people put off a much needed intervention for fear that the addict will get angry, cut ties with loved ones, or do something drastic or dangerous. But delaying an intervention can result in prolonged and unnecessary suffering for everyone involved, and can put loved ones in a position that enables the unhealthy behaviors.

The best time for a drug intervention is now. Professional interventionists and drug addiction treatment programs can guide you through the process and simplify the steps for getting into treatment.

An addict doesn’t have to reach “rock bottom” or want to get well before an intervention can be effective. The disease of addiction blinds people to the harm they’re causing and the need for help. An intervention is a highly effective way to break through denial and open their eyes. Don’t wait for a car accident, divorce, job loss or tragic event to do what you can do now.

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Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease.

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