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drug rehab utahWe know you might feel afraid and hopeless right now; drug addiction is a brutal mental disorder. At Drug Addiction Treatment, we have a solution for you – a leading program of drug rehab in Utah.

How to stop doing drugs?

It all begins with acknowledging the problem. While this might seem like a straightforward step at first glance, it’s actually the most difficult. One of the signs foretelling drug addiction is denial. In the primary stages of the illness, the victim will always become defensive when confronted about their behavioral or routine changes. Your first step towards recovery begins with overcoming the denial phase and accept reality.

If it’s you who needs help, you need to go through a phase of deep introspection. Analyze your soul and be honest with yourself! Realize that recovery is possible – you are the only one sabotaging your chances at a normal life. If instead, you’re looking to help a relative or a friend dealing with addiction, an intervention might be the way to go.

Professional interventions consist of open discussions with the victim of addiction, in the presence of family members, friends, co-workers, and a certified professional. The goal of the procedure is to reframe the victim’s view on reality, as they understand how much their behavior hurts the loved ones.

How long does rehab last?

The duration of the rehab process depends on several factors and lasts between 30 days to a year or more. In case of advanced drug addiction, you might need to sign in medication-assisted treatment for the long haul. As studies show, the effectiveness of any drug rehab in Utah strongly depends on the duration of the process. The longer it lasts, the better the chances of success and the lower the risk of relapse.

If your condition is critical, you might need to join an inpatient rehab treatment, where you will get detox services, dual-diagnosis support, therapy, and counseling. The inpatient rehab program has the highest success rate in promoting sobriety and preventing the relapse. As part of the follow-up, you may need residential or outpatient care, during which you will keep progressing in the right direction.

How do I stay sober after rehab?

The only way to prevent the relapse is by changing your lifestyle, social habits, and yourself along the way. You need to become a better version of yourself because drug addiction is incurable. The moment you lose sight of your goals, you risk triggering a relapse that could undo everything you’ve built to that moment.

It is why we recommend joining a high-profile rehab program asap. Under expert supervision, you will have the chance to reflect on yourself, on life, and how your behavior hurts those who love you. These will serve as motivation to better yourself and transform your life for good.

Contact us, at Drug Addiction Treatment, and begin your drug rehab in Utah today! This is not a time to wait, but to act.

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