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drug rehab floridaMost of us know that drugs are harmful, but only a few of us are actually aware of the real extent of the damages being delivered. Drugs are extremely dangerous, and they can end up ruining both the consumer’s life and the lives of those around him. His family, his friends, his coworkers and even random people, somehow connected to the addict will end up suffering. At Drug Addiction Treatment Centers, we struggle to fix these damages every day.

Drug rehab in Florida is one of the few effective ways of getting rid of drug addiction and not even this is perfect. In reality, there is no way to cure substance addiction, whether we are talking about drugs, alcohol, prescription painkillers or anything similar. All we can do is help the individual overcome the initial phases of the condition, where the withdrawal symptoms would prevent him from controlling his cravings and then educate him and teach coping mechanisms, in order to prevent the relapse in the future.

Data shows that over 85% of the drug addicts will eventually relapse soon after completing the rehabilitation treatment. What goes wrong? The rehab programs are working as intended, it is just that people will eventually fall prey to their own faulty nature. We are the victims of the way our brains function, which is why drug addiction is considered a mental disorder.

How drug addiction can change your life forever

Many people, especially the young adults, will begin to consume drugs out of curiosity. At that point, their road to a drug rehab in Florida will be secured, because there is no such thing as “I’ll try this only once, just to see what’s all about”.

Teenagers and uneducated, inexperienced people tend to think that you can’t become an addict after one dose. You would have to abuse the drugs on several occasions before the addictive behavior will trigger. And that is objectively false. Crack cocaine, for instance, is powerful enough to instill the addictive behavior with the first use. Not only that, but the risk of dying is also four times higher when consuming this potent opioid.

And the damages don’t stop here. Others will include:

  • Psychological changes – The tendency towards anxiety and depression will become increasingly visible with time, as the patient will become unable to experience pleasure except when under the influence.
  • Behavioral shifts – There will be a visible behavioral degradation in the sense that the addict can grow more irritable or violent, at times will appear apathic and confused and he will stop caring for his moral or social duties, becoming more secluded and antisocial.
  • Familial problems – Most addicts will end up losing the support of their families and friends and become lonely and depressed. It is not uncommon for many addicts to develop suicidal tendencies at this stage.

Drug rehab in Florida is often the only solution for people in advanced stages of addiction and we, at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers are among the best in the branch. We are in the business of saving lives and we spare no efforts in our quest for maximum efficiency.

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