Luxury Drug Rehab

Luxury drug rehab is a type of residential addiction treatment program that is in a more comfortable, luxurious setting than a typical drug rehab. A luxury drug rehab center can have all the same basics of treatment, such as group therapy, individual therapy, activities, and specialized treatments, but may also include more exclusive offerings such as massage, yoga, acupuncture, and other alternative treatments.

The main reason people choose a luxury drug rehab over a standard, clinical environment is because they simply do not feel comfortable in an environment that feels too much like a hospital. It creates too much anxiety and often leads them to ATA – leave against therapeutic advice – long before they’ve realized any of the benefits of treatment. Studies show the longer someone stays in treatment, the better. They also show that those who leave early (less than 30 days) get as much benefit from treatment as those who do not go at all. Luxury drug rehab may save someone’s life who would otherwise refuse to stay in treatment.

Why Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment?

The concept behind luxury drug rehabs was that people often find it difficult to stay in treatment; they are depressed in the drab, clinical surroundings of most rehabs that feel like hospitals. Why not create an environment that feels as close to home as possible? Give people the comforts that make them feel safe and secure, while giving them clinically rigorous addiction treatment. They can’t get the benefits of treatment if they don’t stay in treatment, so the luxury is really more a way to ease their anxiety and discomfort so they stick around for the life-changing behavioral work. Promises founded was it known as the Malibu Model of rehab treatment, and comfortable surroundings were an important part of this concept.

Do You Mean It’s Like a Drug Rehab Spa?

Drug rehab treatment is serious business. Luxury does not mean lazy. It does not mean spa vacation. It doesn’t mean clients can sleep in until noon then wander off to group therapy. Clients are expected to participate in process groups and do individual work. Most luxury treatment programs offer the same rigorous schedule as any rehab – up at 7 am, breakfast, gym workout, groups, individual therapy – but also add in specialized treatments that ease anxiety and help lessen the likelihood that they will bolt from treatment. These might include massage or special one-on-one neurofeedback sessions.

Luxury drug rehabs often also offer private room options. For some people, sharing a room is an absolute deal-breaker. They might have insomnia and have fears about being stuck next to a roommate who snores. They might simply have had past trauma that makes them feel uncomfortable sleeping in a room with a stranger.

Whatever the reason someone seeks out treatment in a luxurious environment, this is not a sign that they lack seriousness. They may simply know that they will not succeed in a less comfortable environment and do not want to set themselves up for failure.

Drug addiction is a progressive and deadly disease.

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