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malibu drug rehabDrug Addiction Treatment offers you the opportunity to get your life back. Join our Malibu drug rehab today and have our experts take care of your problems.

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a mental disorder. Because it’s an incremental disease, with humble beginnings, people tend to downplay its dangers. The reality will hit as soon as the substance takes over your nervous system. The active components in the drug will block your opioid receptors, rendering you unable to experience natural release of dopamine anymore.

Your brain will depend on the drug to trigger the process of dopamine production. From that point on, you will be hooked. Fortunately, the early signs of addiction will become visible fast, and that’s when you need to act. The sooner you sign in the rehab program, the faster and easier the rehabilitation process will be.

Is there a cure for drug addiction?

For now, the answer is “no.” Drug addiction has no known cure. That doesn’t mean that your situation is helpless. Unlike other incurable diseases, substance addiction is easier to cope with, provided you get specialized assistance. With our help, you can live a normal life, free of substance abuse and unnecessary suffering.

Some of our staff members have dealt with addiction themselves at some point in their lives. The fact that they have succeeded in coming out clean is proof that you can do it too. You only need to overcome your denial, accept your problem, and come see us. Our team will handle the rest.

How does drug rehab work?

Our Malibu drug rehab program relies on three core concepts: stabilization, recovery, and aftercare. The stabilization phase uses medication, dual-diagnosis treatment, and psychotherapy support to help you overcome the withdrawal stage and begin the healing. The recovery process takes you through a rollercoaster of rehab programs, therapies, and counseling meetings, for mental and emotional strengthening.

The final stage is the aftercare phase, involving lifestyle adjustments, and life transformation strategies. The best way to deal with drug addiction is by adopting a variety of lifestyle changes, including in nutrition, workout routine, social and personal life, etc. And we have a team of some of the best counselors and health professionals to help you with that.

What is a dual diagnosis?

You will get a dual diagnosis when showing symptoms of both substance addiction and a co-occurring mental disorder. Unfortunately, most patients suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism also show signs of co-occurring mental problems like anxiety, PTSD, OCD, or depression. Our Malibu drug rehab treatment offers medication, psychotherapeutic support, and extensive care for a variety of co-occurring illnesses.

By doing so, we not only ensure the success of the rehab program, but we support you in becoming healthier, stronger, and mentally and spiritually positive for years to come. It’s imperative to get dual diagnosis assistance during the drug recovery treatment, which is why we advise you to contact us today!

At Drug Addiction Treatment, we offer a way to a better life. Use our hotline and change your life today!

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