How To Find The Best Drug Rehab In Mississippi

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Making a decision to find a drug rehab in Mississippi is highly commendable and is a big first step in the right direction. Having a problem with drugs is nothing to be ashamed of because addiction is a disease. Addiction is not a testament of who you are. Nobody is born thinking ‘I want to be addicted to drugs when I get older.’ It’s the people who don’t make an effort to get treatment that ought to be ashamed of themselves. Addiction is a ruthless disease that causes people to become a darker version of themselves. Addiction is a powerful, cunning, and deadly disease that never stays the same or gets better over time. Addiction always gets worse and leads ultimately to jails, institutions, and death if not treated.

Find a Rehab that Has High Long-Term Sobriety Rates

If you have reached a point where you need to find a drug rehab, then you probably don’t need to be sold on the reasons why going to rehab makes sense. Still, finding the best drug rehab isn’t as easy as Googling ‘Mississippi rehabs’ and picking the first result you get. On average, drug rehabs across the nation have an 87% relapse rate. That means that for every 100 people who graduate a drug program or complete a drug rehab will relapse within two years.

Find a Rehab that Combines the Best Modern and Traditional Addiction Treatment Methods

Addiction treatment in America became a public discourse in the early 1900s with the start of Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, drugs are a bigger problem than ever. Over the years, addiction treatment has expanded to include all sorts of addictions, including drugs, sex, overeating, gambling, and just about anything else that is an addiction.

Some of the things we’ve gained from traditional treatment models, such as group and individual therapy, meetings, sponsorship, and the 12 steps are all great contributions to recovery. Yet, there are some modern and scientific addiction treatment methods, such as dual diagnosis treatment, rewiring the brain, and even holistic treatments that help people get to the root of addiction for better results.

The Bottom Line Should be Your Long-Term Sobriety

Of course, every drug rehab in Mississippi needs money to keep its doors open. Light bills, water, staff salaries, and lots of other weekly, monthly and annual expenses must be paid. Because of this need for funding, many drug rehabs that started out with a mission to serve the community become little more than businesses. When a drug rehab is focused more on their bottom line that patient care, addiction treatment takes a hit. This means that patients take a hit, and this is one reason why the national average for long-term sobriety following drug rehab is so deplorable.

Choose a Rehab that Caters to Your Needs

When searching for a drug rehab in Mississippi, these are some things you’ll want to consider. You’ll also want to choose a rehab that offers individualized care. Just as each person is different, so each person also has their own underlying causes for addiction. Each person has their own personalities, feelings, and needs, and the treatment that works for Joe may not work for Sally.


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