Drug Addiction Treatment at The Ranch

Drug Addiction Treatment at The Ranch

The Ranch is a drug addiction treatment program located on a working ranch just south of Nashville. Their unique treatment program offers equine therapy as part of their treatment, a highly effective treatment tool that is particularly effective for anyone who has struggled with addiction, relapse, and has underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy, often called simply equine therapy, has turned out to be a highly effective way to help people with drug addiction, particularly if there is any underlying issue that makes talk therapy challenging.

So why exactly are horses such an amazing tool in drug addiction treatment?


A beautiful working horse and cattle ranch south of Nashville; rolling green hills; small houses limited to 10 people each; intimate, healing environment

What They Treat

Drug and alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse; PTSD/Trauma issues; depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors; eating disorders

Treatment Modalities

Individual therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, EMDR, neurofeedback, process groups, adventure therapy

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Drug addiction presents many challenges to the therapist. Years of hiding the addiction means many with addiction develop ways of manipulating others, often by lying or hiding important facts. Over time, the addicted person becomes so comfortable with half-truths that it can be difficult to tease out the whole story. Sometimes this leads to resistance in therapy. The addicted person can become frustrated, because they themselves honestly cannot access their true feelings. Drugs have undermined their ability to understand what they are feeling and why.

Enter the horse. These gentle, majestic creatures allow such clients to relax and surrender to a phenomenal process. Their interactions with the horses become metaphors for issues and frustrations in their lives. Deeply buried emotions can come to the surface but in an environment that feels comforting and healing.

The therapist is integral to the process – they observe and note the interactions between the client and the horse. They often discover those unfulfilled needs, hopes, and dreams of the addicted person. Sometimes these needs, hopes, and dreams have been so buried by the addiction that even the person expressing them is surprised to discover them.

The relationship between the addicted person and the horse seems to allow people to be more vulnerable and open. They can work through feelings about past rejection, confusion about who they are and where they are going, and their need for support and nurturing and unconditional love, yet still feel protected and safe.

Equine therapy offers a unique opportunity to test new possibilities in many areas of life by taking initial risks in the context of relationship with another living being, before taking the bigger risks in the context of human interaction.

The Ranch has an equine-assisted psychotherapy team with horsemanship experience and over 20 years of professional counseling experience. They guide clients in learning through the therapy about effective communication, self-worth, integrity, trust and respect in relationships, the difference between assertive and aggressive, and the importance of respect, teamwork and community.

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