Education – The Most Powerful Tool Drug Rehab In Pennsylvania

drug rehab pennsylvaniaThere is nothing more damaging to society in the long run than the lack of education among the younger generations. Historically speaking, this fact alone has led to some of the most horrendous events the world has ever seen, and we get to experience that same problem today with drugs. At Drug Addiction Treatment, we have seen the lack of education weighing more than any other factor in perpetuating drug addiction.

And, for this reason, the most proficient programs of drug rehab in Pennsylvania focus on educating the patients more than anything else. As it turns out, this is the single most effective mechanism of ensuring a lower risk of relapse, following the completion of the rehabilitation treatment. And the figures don’t look encouraging – Over 85% of the addicts relapse in less than 12 months after the rehab program has been graduated.

There is no doubt about it – drugs make for one of the most significant problems in today’s societies. But why is that? Why are they considered one of the most prevalent issues of the 21st century?

The dangers of drug consumption

We intentionally didn’t use “drug abuse” in the subtitle and settled for “drug consumption” instead. If we would have used the first option, it may have instilled the wrong impression that drug abuse is dangerous, whereas casual consumption is not; and that would be false. In reality, no dose is safe because, with most narcotics and high-risk substances, there is no such thing as “I’ll do it once, just to see what it feels like.”

Crack cocaine, for instance, could bring you into drug rehab in Pennsylvania after the first dose and that would be the best-case scenario; the worst one involves the morgue since highly potent narcotics like cocaine are known to increase the risk of sudden death significantly. Aside from that, numerous downsides are contributing to the grim popularity of these substances, including:

  • Destroying the physical and psychological health of the consumer – Shortly after resorting to narcotic use, the patient’s physiology will begin to change for the worse. Aside from the usual symptoms like headaches, vomiting, digestive problems, insomnia, heart disease or dementia, the user will also experience anxiety, depression, aggression and suicidal tendencies, among other symptoms.
  • Creating social disability – A regular drug user will soon become unable to function in the society properly. With sudden mood swings, increased irritability, the incapacity to think straight, focus or make reasonable decisions, simple things like maintaining a job will become next to impossible.
  • Ruining the addict’s family – This happens with a scary regularity in pretty much all of the cases. The other members of the family will begin to feel threatened by the addict’s behavior, and the data entirely support their concerns, showing that psychosis, paranoia and aggression and typical manifestations of a drug addict. From that point to a complete expulsion of the addict from the family will only be a step.

At Drug Addiction Treatment, we believe that the drug rehab in Pennsylvania should consider all these aspects when laying down the treatment’s strategy. And educating the patient on the risks and dangers of drug consumption should rank as one of the most critical mechanisms influencing his recovery.

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