Long Term Rehab Treatment Programs Provide Long Term Wellness

Long Term Rehab Treatment Programs Provide Long Term Wellness

Recovering from substance abuse is not a quick and easy journey, it takes time. Over time the body builds a tolerance to drugs and it may take weeks or months for those drugs to also exit the body’s systems.

Recovery from substance abuse is also more than a physical recovery. It is a mental, behavioral, and social recovery. Recovery isn’t just for the person with the substance abuse, it is a time of healing for the entire family. Long term drug rehab treatment provides all of these benefits. Detoxification removes the harmful drug toxins from the body, but is not enough to holistically heal the individual and their family.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse stresses that in order to recover from a drug addiction patients must go through multiple sessions of drug rehab treatment. This long term process is intended to remove the patient from harmful outside influences and put them into a healing supportive environment. In this environment they can slowly regain control over their body and mind and strengthen themselves physically and mentally for their ongoing recovery process.

Long term rehab treatment programs often entail 6 to 12 months of sessions. Rehab specialists create a customized treatment plan for each client in the program. This plan addresses the person’s specific needs.

Addressing Other Addictions and Disorders

In order for a person with an addiction to recover completely, all of their addictions must be addressed and treated. Sometimes the root cause of substance abuse is from another disorder. Treatment specialists explore the causes of abuse and find connections of the abuse to other disorders that can be treated and removed from the client’s life.

Changing Behaviors

Recovery includes starting anew with new goals and new attitudes. Behavioral therapy is offered to clients during rehab treatment. Clients learn techniques to help them stay clear of relapsing into substance abuse. Through long term rehab clients learn social skills to help them adjust back into the real world. Many drug rehab treatment centers offer vocational and college education courses.

These centers also provide healing for the body and mind through exercise, art, and the outdoors. Some centers provide exercise equipment or walking trails. Some offer art, massage, and other alternative healing therapies to guide the body to holistic healing.

Healing the Entire Family

During long term rehab the entire family can be involved. Treatment centers offer individual and group counseling for clients and their families. Anger and mistrust may be deeply seeded in family members who lived through difficult days or years with the client. Through therapy they can be healed so that they can help their family member to better heal and keep from having relapses.

Over 23 million people suffer from a substance abuse addiction. Most of these addictions happened over a long period of use. Their body, mind, behaviors, and social relationships will also need a long period of time to heal. Long term rehab treatment offers those with abuse problems a place to get away from a harmful atmosphere and begin the road to recovery.

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