Choosing a Drug Rehab Program

Choosing a Drug Rehab Program

The realization that you need help with drug addiction is the first, and most important, step in the recovery process. The next is in making a decision about where you should go to get that help. As the number of people who are suffering with addiction continues to rise, so does the number of facilities that offer special help for their needs. However, not all of these facilities use the same type of approach. Choosing a drug rehab program that is right for you is important in order to get the best results from your treatment.

Factors that Determine Success

The effort that you put into your rehab program will play a large role in whether you are successful in your treatment and also have the tools to remain drug-free and functional in all areas of your life long after you have completed the program. The type of program you attend will also play an important role. Keep this in mind when choosing a drug rehab program. There are many different components to addiction, so the more options a program offers in terms of addressing each and every aspect of your needs (e.g. psychological, health, emotional, social) the better your odds of overcoming your addiction will be.

Residential vs. Outpatient Treatment

When it comes to choosing a drug rehab program, you need to determine whether or not you need a residential facility an outpatient facility. While a residential facility is not financially feasible for every person, it is often the most beneficial approach to rehabilitation. Residential facilities that are located in beautiful, out-of-the-way settings offer a peaceful atmosphere. The tranquility that often accompanies this type of treatment setting is one that you typically can’t enjoy in an out-patient facility. The peace of mind can play an important role in the process of healing, as it restricts your interactions with the outside influences that can have a negative impact on your recovery.

Another important factor when choosing a drug rehab program is finding one that will continue to work with you after your initial treatment is over. It’s important that the program you enter offers guidance and help as you re-establish yourself into society. This part of recovery is just as important as the initial treatment itself.

Specialty Rehab Programs

There are some drug rehab programs that focus on a specific type of addiction while others cover a wide range of addictions. The more specific the program is that you choose, the more it will focus on the specific behaviors and complications that accompany your particular addiction. When choosing a drug rehab program that is specific to your type of addiction, you might have to go farther from home. However, for many individuals, this is a positive feature as they are more comfortable with the idea of receiving treatment away from the people and activities that were part of their life while indulging in their addictive behavior. There are also specializations in focus such as trauma or approach such as holistic rehabs or Christian drug rehabs.

12-Step Programs

Twelve-step programs have long been the standard in treating alcohol and drug addiction. There are many people who believe that they are the only way to become rehabilitated. Others, however, prefer a more modern approach.

Classic 12-step programs provide a set of guidelines that determines your course of action for recovery. It starts with your admission that you have lost control of your addiction, while you recognize that a higher power can give you the strength you need to overcome it. When you are choosing a drug rehab program, you need to decide if this is the best type of program for your needs and personality.

What is most important is that whatever program you choose – whether it’s a 12-step approach or another approach – provides the different types of treatment you need in order to address both your physical addiction along with underlying psychological factors that play an important role in recovery and relapse prevention.

Do Your Research

If location is an important consideration when choosing a drug rehab program, then you will want to narrow down your choices to the general location you desire. Some locations offer both residential and out-patient programs to meet a variety of needs.

Start your research online and narrow your choices down to a few that meet your specifications. Next, contact each by phone and ask questions about their program including what makes theirs stand out from other programs. Get facts on the effectiveness of their program and the qualifications of their staff.

If you have insurance, you will need to find a program that it covers – unless you want to pay the total cost out of pocket. This may be a deciding factor when you have narrowed down your list of potential programs, but it shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a drug rehab program. If your insurance won’t pay all or part of the expense, ask the rehab center about other payment options before you opt for a facility that doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

Some facilities pay special attention to the needs of the addict’s family. Since family is usually an important part of your life, it can be very beneficial if they participate in your treatment and recovery. This should continue once you have completed your treatment to help you stay on track and prevent a relapse down the road. Ask the facilities you contact how they incorporate family into their treatment approach.

Importance of Extended Care

Some rehab programs will only take you to the end of the treatment, leaving you on your own once you walk out the door. Extended care is an important way of making sure you continue to be successful once you have left their facility. This should be an important consideration when choosing a drug rehab program. Even though you may learn a great deal about your addiction during your treatment, you need to also know how to incorporate that information into your daily life once you are trying to survive drug-free in society.

There is no single rehab program that is right for every individual or every addiction. Choosing a drug rehab program that is the best fit for you is the most important part of getting treatment that will produce long-lasting results.

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