Drug Cravings, the Key to Unlocking Addiction Treatment

Drug Cravings, the Key to Unlocking Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has struggled with drug or alcohol related addiction understands the role that cravings play in addiction treatment. Thoughts precede action and as such, the addict who continuously dwells on his or her desire to get drunk or high is susceptible to relapse.

Successful addiction treatment starts with eliminating the craving that is at the heart of the addiction.

Science Daily’s Robert Hirshon advises that even just the longing to get high can trigger the same sort of response in the brain as actually getting high. This underscores the important role that elimination of drug cravings plays as part of a successful addiction treatment program.

Toxins build up in an addict’s body as a result of continued drug use over time. Experts believe that this build-up of toxins is what causes the user to want to use again.

Overtime, these toxins cloud a person’s judgment. Many addicted persons fall into a cycle of abuse after using drugs or alcohol to help them cope with problems in their lives. Never having successfully learned how to cope with stressors, in desperation they turn back to the only thing they know that helps. Thus, the cycle continues.

Cravings can be removed through a process of detoxification. Methods of clearing drug cravings include anything from sweating in saunas to exercise and use of natural supplements.

Education is also a key component in its addiction treatment process, and the center boasts of a 75 percent success rate amongst its graduates.

Eliminating drug cravings is the first step in helping those suffering from addiction to regain control of their lives.

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