What Is the Best Way to Approach Addiction Treatment and Recovery?

What Is the Best Way to Approach Addiction Treatment and Recovery?

In the 60s there was an epidemic in the United States regarding our youth and their drug addictions. It soon became time to think beyond the box in order to assist them. Most addicts knew they needed long-term help and that the most important factor in their treatment was to separate themselves from the temptation of seeing drugs and to enter a support group of peers.

Our healthcare system, at that time, consisted of hospitals, mental institutes, religious paths, and short-term and street programs that housed addicts. These approaches were grossly negligent in providing what addicts needed, according to NJ.com, and eventually programs ventured into self-help and more long-term treatment and recovery programs. These programs were more effective in retaining the addict for treatment and getting them on a path towards long-term recovery.

In the past three to four years, there have been a number of avenues to help with detox and continuum care to meet the needs of those with addiction – and there has been plenty of research on their effectiveness. The role of the addict in helping themselves continues to be the mainstay of effectiveness in their recovery and ongoing treatment.

However, the federal government seems to be moving us back in time by favoring the short-term method popular in the 1960s. The role of the addict helping themselves is not part of the equation. The ACA, or Affordable Care Act, gives no mention of the need for long-term treatment as part of the plan for helping addicts. There is little reference to the addict helping themselves as part of the approach to recovery.

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