Yoga Can be Used to Assist in Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Yoga Can be Used to Assist in Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There appears to be a correlation between addictive behavior and people with mental health issues. At least 40 percent of those unable to process their emotions or cope with stresses in a normal way are more apt to abuse drugs and alcohol, according to a recent study. The results of the study along with ways to treat substance abuse problems were recently discussed in a health article online.

Alcohol and drug addiction puts a serious strain on our economy and the health-care system. The rise of absenteeism and decrease in productivity as well as work-related accidents can be a direct result of illegal drug use by the 70 percent of addicts who are employed. Even health care costs can account for a nearly 300 percent increase compared to those who do not use alcohol. Overall, drug addiction costs about $250 billion annually.

With one out of every eight Americans suffering from some form of alcohol or drug addiction, there is a push to find help for these individuals. 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous gives them the tools to eliminate the desire to use alcohol and drugs. The techniques offered during this program create calm for the anxiety associated with quitting. It helps to calm and soothe those particular impulse emotions.

But there may be another way to create a sense of calm and serenity. Yoga is growing in popularity as many people are realizing its health benefits. The same concepts to find that inner peace can be used to settle the storm within alcoholics and drug abusers. The benefits of yoga continue to be researched, but have already been shown to increase physical health as well as mental health. It can give users another route to learning coping mechanisms, respect for themselves and hope.

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