Drug Used to Treat Heroin in Prague May Be More Problematic Than Heroin

Drug Used to Treat Heroin in Prague May Be More Problematic Than Heroin

Heroin is a drug that is still causing problems for millions of people. In Prague, a new prescription drug that is supposed to help heroin addicts kick the habit is actually providing them with a high similar to that of heroin itself.

According to a recent article in the Prague Post, the prescription pill Subutex is being injected intravenously. Many are shooting up with it instead of weaning themselves from their heroin habit. Subutex is used as a low threshold type of treatment for addiction to heroin and can be prescribed by any type of general practitioner without prior therapy or counseling. It has become increasingly popular on the black market due to addicts misusing the drug , leading to a widely publicized crisis in Prague.

Prague police and city officials say the prescription pill has become the main source of problems for their city center area, where between 70 and 80 percent of the drugs sold in are Subutex. It is easy for people to obtain more than one prescription because they can visit several doctors and it is much cheaper than illicit heroin.

Officials believe the drug should be dispersed in a much more controlled environment, like that of methadone, and should only be administered in clinics where patients must visit daily in order to receive their doses. Outreach workers in Prague are fully aware of the problem with Subutex and are working to develop newer approaches and develop informational campaigns about the drug and its risks.

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