Rock Legend Steven Adler’s Autobiography Cites Peer Influences for Drug Addiction

Rock Legend Steven Adler’s Autobiography Cites Peer Influences for Drug Addiction

From the top of the 1980s hair band rock scene, to the rock bottom of drug addiction, Steven Adler, formerly of rock’s legendary band Guns N’ Roses, talks openly in his autobiography about drug addictions and fighting his way toward recovery.

Adler’s addictions, including heroin, marijuana and cocaine, spanned more than two decades of his life and brought about a hospitalization which doctors didn’t expect him to recover from. The rock superstar said he was trying to literally end his life when he was hospitalized with conditions including a heart attack, a coma, a stroke and expected limb paralysis or brain damage. Adler recovered, but he also recalls friends from his childhood who didn’t survive similar drug addictions.

Guns N’ Roses’ world-famous album, Appetite for Destruction, could be a fitting title for Adler’s drug abuse habits during the band’s rise to fame in the 1980s. Though he says all band members were using drugs, Adler was let go from the band and his role as drummer because the drug use became so extreme. This marked a two-decade timeframe of addiction that Adler said was marked by periods of hating himself, bouts with rehab and coming to terms with powerful life experiences – including abuse suffered as a young boy.

Like many celebrities who experience drug abuse and addiction, Adler says he had seen others using substances and their use seemed to be the norm. As a youth experimenting with the drugs, Adler says he heard little about the conditions of an overdose and the way the drugs interfered with a person’s ability to perform in front of audiences.

His autobiography also talks about the influence of his peers, such as fellow rock stars engaging in drug use and other risky behaviors. On the positive side, Adler recalls how his family wouldn’t give up on his future, especially a beloved grandmother.

Coming forward with his stories of being abused and of hitting the lows with drug addiction have been part of Adler’s healing process, says the celebrity, who has formed a new rock band called “Adler’s Appetite” that is touring Europe. Adler’s addiction story also involves an appearance on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and the testimonies of fans who say his music has made an impact on them personally.

Declaring he has reached expert-status when it comes to addiction, Adler’s speech is marked with an impairment today, the result of drug-induced strokes he experienced. He continues to work toward recovery and has been said by peers to have made solid progress.
For many people with substance abuse addictions, including Steven Adler, the journey toward recovery has its ups and downs and is carried out on a day-by-day basis – regardless of whether or not the person’s resume includes moments in the sun as one of rock’s all-time legends.

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