Rapper Eminem Describes Quiet Recovery from Drugs and Near Fatal Overdose

Rapper Eminem Describes Quiet Recovery from Drugs and Near Fatal Overdose

Rapper Eminem Describes Quiet Recovery from Drugs and Near Fatal OverdoseLike the title of his recent number-one ranked album, “Recovery,” rap megastar Eminem has talked openly about his near-death experience with drug addiction. Now the global celebrity encourages his fans to avoid the same problems he has experienced with drugs.

Officially named Marshall Mathers III, the star, not yet 40 years old, talked in interviews last year about how friends found him in a drug-induced coma and how he began a journey toward recovering from drug addiction. The rapper entered drug rehabilitation, and also a medical detoxification, but still kept his problem quiet from friends to avoid what he described as being viewed in a victim perspective.

Now professing total sobriety, Eminem talks often about the benefits of living without drugs, even for anyone whose life also means recovering from a drug addiction. His journey through drug addiction also calls to light problems with his mother, who is said to have raised him in Detroit in a home where drug abuse was present. His father was absent from the home.

Eminem’s near-death moment came as the result of an overdose, says the rapper, but still it took time for him to confess the addiction. The rap culture, he says, doesn’t allow for what could be perceived as a lack of strength – even though today, Eminem says he realizes that he has an addiction and that doesn’t equate with being weak. He also said his own addiction gave him new realizations about his mother’s problems with drugs, though the damage done while growing up in a drug home is still great.

As his addiction progressed, says Eminem, he would take various drugs even without knowing what he was using. The mixtures that contributed to his coma included prescription sleep aids, prescription painkillers, and eventually methadone. Desperation also set in, he says, and he would buy almost any drugs that were available.

Rehab brought its own set of challenges for the superstar. He said his fame became a barrier to his success, with people asking for autographs or attempting to take his personal items. Eminem’s album titles seem to reflect the typical up-and-down nature of drug addiction recovery, with a previous album titled “Relapse.”

Spending excessively on drugs in his past, Eminem also addresses the financial side of having a drug addiction in interviews. Today he tries to spend carefully and plan for the future, which includes providing for his daughters.

Perhaps some of the most inspiring statements the rapper can offer to fans who may also battle with drug addiction come in terms of the freedom he has experienced. Describing the first time he broke free from drugs, Eminem says life took on a whole new meaning and he didn’t have the experience of being a drug prisoner any longer. He still records music in the basement of his home, but it’s a new experience now without the bleakness of the drugs, Eminem says.

Part of his recovery, says Eminem, is connected with weekly visits with counselors and having a different, calmer perspective on life. Peer encouragement has also been key, with Eminem receiving the support of pop superstar Elton John, who has also endured substance addiction in his past.

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