Back to Practicing Medicine After a Drug Addiction

Back to Practicing Medicine After a Drug Addiction

Would you seek medical advice from a doctor or nurse whom you know has undergone treatment for drug addiction? That’s the controversial issue at hand in a Medical News Today report.

Health care professionals can readily get their hands on controlled medications and they know how to circumvent the process of obtaining them long-term. Once a medical professional has been identified as having a problem with drug abuse, should they be allowed to continue to practice while undergoing treatment?

A common treatment for drug abuse of this type is the use of buprenorphine. When someone is undergoing this treatment they are still under the influence of a type of drug, but in this instance it is legal. The concern is whether to release a medical professional back to practice while being under the influence of the substance.

For someone in the healthcare profession, they need to be ready to act fast and make quick, clear decisions. The everyday work of someone in healthcare can often involve life or death situations so not being able to perform at their highest level can often have extreme consequences.

In order to allow someone to go back to work and have access to medications that they once abused could be a slippery slope. It would depend on the individual and how severe the addiction was and why they abused the drug in the first place. Deciding when a physician should be able to practice medicine again is a controversial topic and one that must be made with caution.

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