Josh Hamilton: Baseball’s Golden Boy Lives One Day at a Time

Josh Hamilton: Baseball’s Golden Boy Lives One Day at a Time

Josh Hamilton is riding high today. The Texas Ranger smacked out a record-setting four home runs and a double in a recent game against the Baltimore Orioles.

But Hamilton knows well what it is like to swim in the trough of the waves too. It wasn’t so very long ago that drug use got him kicked out of the sport entirely. A recent article in a Canadian paper outlined Hamilton’s inspiring personal story.

The man with the golden bat today was a first round pick back in 1999 when he was quickly snatched up by the Tampa Bay organization. Just as quickly Hamilton went from being the darling of baseball to being addicted to alcohol and drugs and being shown the door. He fought his addictions and made a major league comeback in 2007. Hamilton was initially picked up by Cincinnati but was traded to the Texas franchise before his athletic prowess became the stuff of history. Hamilton is one of only 16 baseball players to ever hit four home runs in a single game, boasts a batting average of .406 and is currently leading both leagues in home runs (14) and RBIs (36).

Hamilton readily credits today’s successes to God’s mercy in his life. He admits that he made plenty of bad choices and says only God is behind his ability to play at his current level. The baseball star is facing free agency next season, but says that he plays the game and lives his life just one day at a time. One day may be the crest of the wave and tomorrow may be the trough, but Hamilton’s ability to live out his one day at a time mindset means there is no fear about the future. After all, he quips, today is all that we’ve been given.

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