How to Help a Child Through Rehab

How to Help a Child Through Rehab

How to Help a Child Through Rehab

How to Help a Child Through RehabThe experience of watching a child struggle with addiction is heart-breaking. You want to take away her pain and make her feel whole again. You feel guilty and ashamed at the same time. You wonder where you went wrong or if this is your fault. Most of all you feel helpless. You aren’t helpless, though. While it is true that you can’t cure your child or force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, you can help and support her. Going through rehab might be the toughest thing she does, but if you are there to guide and help, she can get through it successfully. 

Discuss What to Expect in Rehab

The biggest reason your child is likely to resist rehab is fear. She is afraid to stop using, afraid of failing and afraid of the unknown. To help her feel better about taking the plunge, research what happens in rehab together. When you have selected a treatment facility, get some specific details about what her experience will be like and what her new daily routine will be. Knowing what to expect is important for helping her feel more comfortable.

Help! My Daughter Wants to Leave Rehab After One Day

Commitment is the first hurdle when it comes to rehab. Your child decides she needs help, she agrees to go to rehab, you pay to get her in, and then she wants to quit once the reality of the situation hits. This is not unusual. If she calls you on the first day asking to come home, go and visit her. Start by telling her that she can come home if she really wants to, but then discuss her concerns and reasons for wanting to give up already. Ask her to stay just one more day, then another and another, and before you know it she will be comfortable with staying.

Participate When Possible

Many rehab facilities and treatment programs not only allow family to participate, they encourage it. While you can’t stay there and hold her hand, you can be there when allowed in order to guide and support your child. Attend family therapy sessions with her, let her give you a tour of the facility, bring her favorite foods and just spend time getting to know your daughter all over again as a sober person healing from addiction.

Take Care of the Details

You want your child to focus on her treatment, so manage the details as much as you can. Take care of payment and billing insurance. If you don’t have coverage for addiction treatment and you can’t afford rehab, look into drug rehab scholarships, but do whatever you can to make sure she can be there to get the help she needs. She has enough to worry about and will be able to concentrate on the rehab process without that extra burden.

Once your child has successfully completed recovery, you can continue to support her. She will need it, because relapse is always a possibility. Encourage her to attend support group meetings, help her in making amends in recovery, and be there if she does slip up and relapse. With your love and support as a parent, your child can get well again.

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